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Custom-crafted business plans

The kind that help build profitable businesses and attract investors.

One-on-one advising

Get the guidance you need. You don’t have to do it alone.

Work smarter, grow faster

Profits come faster to those who plan.

The Goods


A limited budget doesn’t have to mean a limited business plan. Distilling Your Dream is a step-by-step Business Plan Kit that shows you how to get it right using worksheets, templates and an e-book that explains it all.

Custom Business Plans

Together we’ll work one-on-one to distill your concept into a viable venture. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive business plan and the practical know-how that attracts investors and customers.

Advising Program

Imagine having a seasoned advisor/Wall Street veteran/Wharton grad on retainer to help you: build • launch • grow your business. Get the specific advice and creative solutions you need to get on track and moving forward.

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“Diane helped me mold my business plan to prepare it for funding. She did a superb job. The end result was a clearer, simpler and more persuasive document.”

Silvia Quintanilla

Industry Gems Sales Intelligence

“Diane consistently challenged us in an effort to prove our concept and effectively communicate our story. The result was a compelling business plan.”

Rusty Sproat

Figo Pet Insurance

“True to her company name, Diane distilled my ideas into a highly readable narrative. She was equally adept at helping me develop my financial projections. I’m really going to miss working with her.”

Dan Szor

Cotswolds Distillery