Distilling Your Dream
(Education Edition)

An e-textbook specially designed for high school and college-level entrepreneurship courses. Includes ebook, worksheets and templates!

A better way to teach… and to learn
1. Flexible foundation

Gives teachers a customizable framework for designing an exciting, inspiring curriculum.

2. Modular
Use only the chapters you want to make the course your own.
3. Focus on the good stuff
Perfect for homework assignments, so you get the most out of classroom time.
4. All in plain English

Teaches students the vocabulary and fundamentals of entrepreneurship in easy-to-understand plain English.

5. Google & Microsoft compatible

Easy to use with Google Docs & Sheets as well as Microsoft Word & Excel.

Get the Most Out of Class Time

Ebook readings and worksheets introduce fundamentals, so you can use classroom time to focus on the most important parts of entrepreneurship, including:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Design thinking
  • Creativity
  • The hands-on work of building and pitching a real business
What’s Included
  • Clear and concise chapters presented in a linear, step-by-step format.
  • No unnecessary buzzwords or industry jargon.
  • Chock-full of real life examples that clearly explain the HOWs and WHYs behind building a growing business.
Worksheets & Templates
  • One worksheet paired with each chapter.
  • Perfect for homework assignments.
  • Financials templates include simple formulas already built in.

NOTE: eBook & worksheets are PDF files; templates are Google Docs & Sheets.

Want more details?

NOTE: Pricing is substantially lower (and unrelated) to the Professional Edition. Call Diane for details.

Wharton grad and startup expert Diane Tarshis doesn’t simply TELL students how to launch a business, she SHOWS them by walking students through the process step-by-step.

Diane has been advising early-stage entrepreneurs for decades. Her work has helped countless entrepreneurs launch successful businesses and secure funding. It also carries a hefty price tag. Distilling Your Dream is Diane’s low-cost/high-result solution for any entrepreneur who has a great idea but a limited budget – and now it’s available for the classroom!

This kit is where Diane shares all of her experience and insights – she doesn’t hold back a single thing – giving students the very same guidance she gives her clients. Her education edition offers exactly the same experience as the professional edition, plus a handful of expanded vocabulary explanations.

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