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How to Reach Profitability in Record Time

Learn how entrepreneurs who are experts in what they do but have never built a business before, can get the clarity and guidance they need to build a sustainably profitable business, get funded and fast-track success.

David and I discuss:

  • Why I focus on startups [02:20]
  • How to overcome fear and think big enough [07:12]
  • Why building sustainable profitability in record time is so important [11:31]
  • Why thinking about your financial structure makes a huge difference [17:16]
  • Business success for solopreneur consultants [20:04]

3 Ways to Grow Your Business Without Scaling

Are growing and scaling the same thing? What if you want to grow, but not scale? Laura (LauraAura) Wallace and I get into the details and talk about three strategies you can use to grow your business — without feeling overwhelmed.

When Should Consultants (and Other New Entrepreneurs) Focus on the Numbers?

When should entrepreneurs who are starting a new business focus on numbers and financial projections? What are the steps they can take to avoid running into a cash crunch? David and I talk about how to launch your consulting or coaching business after a long career as a corporate professional (but this applies to all founders).

How to Minimize Your Risk (and Stress) When Starting a New Business

Starting a business can be risky and nerve-wracking But there are things we can do to minimize the risks, the stress, and the heartache. Lou and I talk about how to avoid falling down the Google rabbit hole, raising funds from friends & family, and more.


Funding Your Business Idea: What You Should Know

Robyn and I talk about the differences between how men and women tap into financial resources to fund their business — plus I share tips on how to successfully pitch investors.

Business Plans vs. Roadmaps: Distilling Your Dream into a Thriving Business.

Julie and I talk about how to focus your ideas, and when to turn to experts for the parts where you may need help, such as reaching your financial goals or how to grow your business.

How to Discover What Customers Really Want

Want to know the secret to learning what customers really want? David and I also talk about how to grow a consulting business and still keep it solo.

3 Alternatives to Scaling for Business Growth

Diane Helbig and I explore the idea of scaling vs. growth, sharing pros and cons as well as alternatives for growth that don’t require scaling.

Starting a New Business? Tap Into the Power of Inertia

And idea is just the first step! Adam and I talk about how to create momentum when growing a business — no matter how much (or how little) time you have.

Build the Business YOU Want

“I help you do you.” That’s the bottom line as I talk with Eric about building the business you want, not what others expect or what you think society demands.

What If I Don’t Want to Scale My Business?

Tobi and I talk about the difference between growing and scaling. I also share tips for how to grow your business without having to scale. (Because scaling isn’t necessarily what everyone wants.)