Guest Appearances

What You Need to Know to Fund Your Business Idea

Diane chats with Robyn about the differences between how men and women tap into financial resources to fund their business. She also shares tips on how to successfully pitch investors.

Distilling Your Dreams Into a Thriving Business

Diane talks about how to focus your ideas, develop a roadmap and know when to turn to experts in places where you may need help (whether it’s concept details, your financial goals or next steps).

YOU Get to Decide How to Grow Your Business (Not Other People)

Diane shares the secret to learning what customers really want, plus how to grow a consulting business and still keep it solo.

3 Alternatives to Scaling for Business Growth

Diane explores the idea of scaling vs. growth, sharing pros and cons, as well as several alternatives for growth that don’t require scaling.

Starting a New Business? Tap Into the Power of Inertia

And idea is just the first step! Diane talks about how to create momentum to keep your business moving forward as you build the foundation — no matter how much (or how little) time you have.

Build the Business You Want

“I help you do you.” That’s Diane in a nutshell as she talks about building the business you want, not what others expect or what you think society demands.

What If I Don’t Want to Scale My Business?

Diane shares tips for growing your business without scaling, and talks about why making crazy money isn’t always the ultimate goal (especially if it’s at the expense of other things).

Clip 1: You Don't Have to Scale to be Successful! (And you can even change your mind later)


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