Work with me

Let’s collaborate.
At Startup Distillery I don’t do it for you, I do it with you. We’ll combine your vision with my expertise.


When you contact Startup Distillery you won’t reach a receptionist or an assistant. You’ll speak directly with me.


Quality is critical, yet time is of the essence where ideas are concerned. So I only work with a limited number of clients at any given time.

Flat fee

I work on a flat-fee basis so you feel comfortable discussing issues without “hearing the clock tick.”
How I help…
1. Startup bootcamp
We address the thorniest, most challenging issues as well as the mundane. Issues you’d rather not face? We’ll confront them together.
2. Storytelling techniques
I teach you how to pitch your business (no matter how technical) to investors and customers in a way that’s engaging, clear and persuasive.
3. Candid expertise

I wouldn’t be helping if we only focused on the bright side, so I always give it to you straight. I point out weak assumptions and gaps, and work with you to resolve them.

4. Accessible
A Wharton degree and years of proven startup expertise informs all the strategies and guidance I share with you. You’ll have my decades of experience at your complete disposal. (You wouldn’t be the first to put me on speed dial.)
5. Ready for anything
When things change (as they naturally do), you’ll be ready to adapt quickly, take advantage of opportunities and make smart decisions on the fly because you’re prepared.
Range of Services
Advising Program

Not sure if your business idea makes sense? Need help growing the business you’ve got? It can all feel a bit daunting, I know. I’ll help you take your vision and break it down into small, manageable steps.

My Advising Program is designed for entrepreneurs like you who are at one of four stages:

  1. You’ve got an idea and either don’t know where to begin or need help getting started.
  2. You’ve got a business plan, but you need help bringing it to life.
  3. You’ve hit a plateau and need a strategic growth plan.
  4. Things aren’t going as planned and you need to pivot to a more profitable business model.

I make it easy for us to work together by offering a low-risk trial that works like this:

For a $500 flat fee, you have me at your disposal for up to 4 hours over a 2-week period. That way, we get to know each other. You get valuable guidance from a seasoned advisor, while I learn about your needs so I can offer you the lowest price possible as we continue working together.

Pitch Prep
When it comes to pitching your business, it’s about telling a compelling story — to investors and customers. Facts tell, stories sell.

Startup Distillery knows what it takes to persuade investors (or any audience, for that matter). So I make sure my clients have both the story and the facts to back it up. A knack for making complex concepts easy to understand doesn’t hurt either.

Developing an irresistible pitch involves three parts. I’m ready to help you with one, two or all three:

  1. Slide deck
  2. Script
  3. Presentation
Business Plans
Starting a business the right way means thinking through key elements ahead of time.

At Startup Distillery you get more than a business plan. You get one-on-one strategic advice that becomes your personal startup bootcamp. I guide. I explain. I critique. Together we’ll develop your vision into a roadmap for launching a growing business.

Custom plans include narrative, financial projections and executive summary. Slide decks and pitches are available as add-ons at discounted rates.


Sound advice
 Stay on track
Keep you moving forward

Creative solutions
Navigate roadblocks
Shorten your learning curve
Clear explanations
Specific direction
Help you prioritize
Let’s do this!
It’s time for the rubber to hit the road.


Chicago, Illinois