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For founders who refuse to bet their futures on trial and error.

Get the clarity and confidence you need to fast-track profitability and get funded.

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There may not be any “shortcuts” to business success. But there is a fast track.

You have a big vision. But data shows that it takes most startups an average of 10 years to become truly successful (and 90% won’t even make it that long).

Some people may be okay with spending a decade in the red while trying to figure things out on their own. But if you’ve had a healthy income and been waiting for forever to turn your dream into a reality, the idea of waiting a decade to replace your income might drive you to the nearest pint (drink or ice cream…  your choice).

Having spent the last 20-plus years advising entrepreneurs across all industries, I’m here to tell you that you can create your own shorter timeline for success.

I’ll get you on the fast track.


99% of my clients who’ve sought funding have secured it.

That’s not a coincidence. So before you dive into the proverbial shark tank, come see me.

Rusty and Buster, happy clients of Startup Distillery.

"Diane's guidance was a key reason we were able to secure investors."

“Diane’s unique collaborative approach helped us build a stronger business.

She had the experience to quickly recognize our core strengths, and challenged us in an effort to improve our concept.”

Rusty Sproat

Figo Pet Insurance

Result: Multimillion-dollar exit; acquired by German conglomerate.

You’ll walk away with:


Knowing exactly what strengths to lean into, weaknesses to shore up, and gaps to address.

Next Steps

An action plan with the steps you need to take to reach your business goals faster and stronger.

Investor Insight

A clear understanding of exactly what investors are looking for so you can get funded.


The expert guidance you need to speed up your learning curve and fast-track profitability.

I believe that when you’re starting a business, you have two choices:

Go it alone.

You might save a few thousand dollars up front, but in my experience you will spend more money (and time) in the long run as you guess and pivot.

Get expert guidance.

This is how you can accelerate your learning curve and avoid making expensive mistakes. You’ll be more likely to get funded, less likely to fail, and reach profitability sooner.

Startup Distillery is tailor-made for you if…

You crave clarity.

You’re bouncing around like a pinball doing whatever the last “business guru” told you to do, and you’re ready for a proven expert to give you a roadmap that’s tailored to your unique business.

Your business is 0-5 yrs old — in any industry.

Yep, I’ve worked with distilleries, as my name suggests. I’ve also worked with tech startups, clean energy, consumer products, food & beverage, and many more.

You need investor funding...

… but you’re striking out with investors. Or you’re at square one and don’t want to blow your big chance.

You're in firefighter mode.

You’re bogged down in “reactive mode” putting out daily fires instead of being a proactive business operator & world-class CEO who is strategic with your time and resources.

You keep pivoting.

You’re not getting traction so you’ve been pivoting — with little to show for your efforts. At the end of the day, you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. You need a clear game plan ASAP.

You don’t want run out of cash.

No cash = game over. You know you need financial projections, but you don’t where to begin — and you want to know exactly how much money you need to launch and grow your business.

If any of these apply to you… you’re in the right place.

Chris Campbell, happy Startup Distillery client.

“Diane is a brilliant consultant. I hired her when my business faced some very tough challenges, and she really exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend her for anyone needing guidance around business strategy or financials.”

Chris Campbell

Theresa Robbins, happy Startup Distillery client.

“We didn’t know where to start, but Diane helped us take our idea and turn it into a full-fledged business.

We hired her because we wanted personalized expertise rather than filling out a bunch of templates.”

Theresa Robbins
Bona Fide Beverage
Dick Burkett, happy Startup Distillery client.
“Diane led us through the startup process, asking tough questions and getting us to focus on important issues we’d either missed or were avoiding.

Her business experience and critical thinking is invaluable.”

Dick Burkett
Karas Hotels

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