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3 Alternative Funding Options For Your Startup

  Even though I’m a big believer in bootstrapping, sometimes there’s just no avoiding the need to raise capital. Most entrepreneurs immediately think: investors. But that’s not your only choice – and it may not even be the best choice for you and your company....

3 Times When Taking On Investors Actually Makes Sense

  Just because everyone talks about investors as the be-all end-all doesn’t mean you need them to build a successful business. (Pssst! You’re usually better off without them.) Nonetheless, there’s no denying that certain situations call for a pile of cold, hard...

The Downside of Investors

  When you’re starting a business, finding investors may seem like the answer to all your problems. But in most cases you’d be wrong. It’s not that I don’t believe in the value of investors, because I do. But not right away. It’s far better to bootstrap as long...

3 Things Every Startup Needs

  Imagine a stool with only one or two legs. Pretty wobbly. Just as every stool needs three legs to keep from falling over, so, too, does your startup. That’s why you need these three elements to start off on the right foot. Each has a crucial role to play, and...

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