Custom Business Plans

Crafted so you can launch a business built for profitability and growth — and get funded.

My Approach Works.

Here’s proof.
Terri Graham, happy Startup Distillery client
“Diane’s business plan secured us a $100,000 business loan within 48 hours.

Our plan gave us credibility with our investors and enabled us to then secure $1 million. There is no question we couldn’t have done it without her.”

Terri Graham
Cuvée Lounge

Result: Secured a $100,000 business loan in 48 hours, followed by $1 million from investors.

Max Robbins, happy Startup Distillery client.
The business plan process helped us fully understand our business, brand and products in a way that we didn’t when we started.

Thanks to her expertise, Diane is able to point out the problems you might not think of yourself, and helps you resolve them ahead of time.”

Max Robbins
Bona Fide Beverage
Result: On store shelves within 1 year; won first award 3 months later.

Big ideas are flowing, you’re bursting with excitement, and you’re ready to jump in and start taking action.

(Cue the late-night Google rabbit hole)

I see it all the time… founders spending their precious time and startup capital on things the other people are telling them they should be doing. Things like…

  • Building your website
  • Hiring a branding expert
  • Getting your social media up and running

…all before you even have a strategy.

I get it. It’s easy (and a lot more fun) to get caught up in the “cool stuff.” The problem is, most first-time founders wind up neglecting or avoiding the one thing that will have the biggest impact on whether their doors will still be open a few years from now:

Creating a detailed, well-thought-out plan.

You wouldn’t even think of building a house without a blueprint. Yet, the vast majority of founders don’t take the time to map out their own business blueprint, even though it’s the key to getting funded and the cornerstone of any startup’s success.

Dan Szor, Founder of Cotswolds Distillery

If you build it plan it, they will come.

Before I share my process for crafting custom business plans, let’s talk about whether you really do need one.

A business plan will benefit you if…


You’re looking to raise funds from investors, banks, or friends and family.


You can’t afford to wait 5-10 years to replace your income and start making a profit.


You know you have a great idea, but you haven’t quite nailed down the details (like monthly cash flow or your core customer).

If any of these apply to you… you’re in the right place.

Robert L, happy Startup Distillery client
Diane helped us explain our complex business in a way that investors could understand.

She was great at turning the ideas we had into a concept that we could sell.”

Robert Luiten
Zenergy Biofuels

George Mallett, happy Startup Distillery client
“We couldn’t figure out why VC’s weren’t understanding our business.

Diane helped us refine our business model so that now we thoroughly understand our business — and it shows.”

George Mallett

The Startup Distillery Process

Distilling is the essence of what I do with my clients.

As an admirer of fine whisky, I’ve noticed that writing business plans and distilling whisky work in much the same way:

A distiller cooks the ingredients until the best parts rise to the top. The better the ingredients, the better the finished product.

My process has three distinct phases that address the big picture and the details of your business, all while showing you the ropes of how to think and act like a smart, strategic CEO.

Rusty Sproat, Founder of Figo Pet Insurance


The Words

During this phase, we’ll craft a strong narrative that explains your vision, spelling out the whats, hows and whys behind it — not only the market opportunity, but why customers will buy what you’re selling.

As we work through this process together, you’ll learn how to talk about your business in a compelling way that makes investors ask, “Where do I sign up?”


The Numbers

If the words are your story, the numbers are there to support that story. We’ll dive deep into the financial side of your startup in simple, easy-to-understand language (I promise!).

Together, we’ll prepare realistic projections that serve as your budgeting and benchmarking tools… and clearly show that your concept can grow into a profitable, thriving business.


The Plan

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a compelling, persuasive business plan that will serve as your North Star — your foundation for growth — when it comes to what helps your bottom line and what doesn’t.

And when things change (as they naturally do), you’ll be ready to adapt quickly and take advantage of opportunities.


99% of my clients who’ve sought funding have secured it.

That’s not a coincidence. So before you dive into the proverbial shark tank, come see me.

Ready for an investor-attracting business plan?

Alexa Bancel, happy Startup Distillery client

“Diane made the business plan process easy and fun without losing any attention to detail.

She helped us think outside the box, and worked to help us build not just a business plan, but a growing, profitable business.

Not coming from a business background, it was really helpful having her guidance and perspective.”

Result: Profitable in less than 1 year; months-long waitlist by 18 months.

Rachel Wise, happy Startup Distillery client

Diane knows her stuff! We wanted an unbiased guide through the business planning process, and she helped us think through the details in every aspect of our business.

Our meetings always ended with clearly defined homework to keep the process moving.”

Result: Profitable in less than 1 year; months-long waitlist by 18 months.

So, what’s the investment?

Here’s what’s included:

Private 1:1 calls with me.

When you work with me you get more than a business plan; you get one-on-one strategic advice that becomes your personal startup bootcamp. As part of my process I take on several roles: trusted advisor, business coach, devil’s advocate and cheerleader. That’s why every custom business plan package includes unlimited calls, so you always have support and a sounding board when you need it.


A custom-crafted business plan.

Your custom business plan will include your Compelling Narrative, Financial Projections and Executive Summary. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running as you build your business and begin pitching investors. (If you need help crafting your pitch deck and script, we can talk about that when you’re ready.)


Unlimited acess to me.

We’ll work together closely so I can really get to know you and your business — and I’ll be there with you every step of the way. Clients know they can come to me any time, with any question, in any circumstance. You will have my decades of experience at your complete disposal.

Startup Distillery client and success story Robin Road Cocktails (part of Bona Fide Beverage). Product images of 3 of their ready-to-drink canned cocktails + founder headshots
Theresa & Max Robbins, Founders of Bona Fide Beverage

Your investment:

Working directly with me to develop your custom-crafted business plan is a 5-figure investment that starts at $17,000 and includes unlimited access to my expert consulting brain. To get an exact quote on a custom plan for your business, let’s talk so I can learn more about your vision.

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