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I help first-time founders who want to fast-track profitability — and get funded.

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Hi, I’m Diane Tarshis. I provide 1:1 startup consulting and business planning to first-time founders who are experts in what they do, but have never built a business before.

Through our work together, you’ll get the clarity and guidance you need to create a business built for profitability and growth.

Since graduating from the Wharton School, leaving the frenzy of Wall Street behind, and launching my firm 20-plus years ago, I’ve worked with countless startups and entrepreneurs across every industry — from tech to retail to consumer products. And 99% of the clients I work with who want funding, get funding. That’s not a coincidence.

Here’s the deal: without a clear plan or expert guidance, it takes most startups an average of 5-10 years to become successful.*

I’m here to help you do it in half the time or less.

*Generally, it takes 3-5 years to become profitable and another 5 years to properly execute your vision and find real success — but 90% won’t even make it that long.

“Diane led us through the startup process, asking tough questions and getting us to focus on important issues we’d either missed or were avoiding.

Her business experience and critical thinking is invaluable. So stop the Googling and call Diane. She really knows her stuff.”

Reina Takahashi


“Diane is someone you can talk to like a friend. At the same time, she clearly outlines what you need to get done.

If you’re swimming in a cloud of ideas, she will be the one to pinpoint viable options and break them down into actionable steps.

This is your shot. Let's make it count.

Whether you need to attract investors or you simply want to fast-track profitability, there are 3 ways to work with me.

1:1 Startup Consulting

As an expert in your field, you know that having an experienced guide in your back pocket will help you reach your goals faster. Whether you need a business blueprint, financial projections or clarity on pricing your offerings for maximum profit, together we’ll develop your recipe for success.

Investor-Attracting Business Plans

If you need outside funding to get your business off the ground, then you need a custom business plan that’s tailored to your unique business and will wow even the most seasoned investors. Before you start Googling “free business plan templates,” let’s talk.

DIY Business Plan Kit

A limited budget doesn’t have to mean a limited plan. I’ve distilled all of my methods and expertise into an all-in-one, step-by-step Business Plan Kit that shows you how to get it right — using worksheets, templates and an ebook that explains it all (at an affordable price). Instantly downloadable and right for any industry.

“Everyone looks at the cost of a book, course, coach, or consultant. Nobody considers the cost of being in the same place one year from now.”

“Diane distilled my ideas into a highly effective business plan that not only set us on the right course, but got us investor funding.

She was equally adept at helping me develop my financial projections. I cannot say enough about how skilled, intelligent and fun to work with she is.”

Outcome: England’s largest whisky producer.

Rusty Sproat

Figo Pet Insurance

“Diane’s unique collaborative approach helped us build a stronger business. Her guidance was a key reason we were able to secure investors.

She had the experience to quickly recognize our core strengths, and challenged us in an effort to improve our concept.”

Outcome: Tech platform acquired for multimillions by German conglomerate.

Terri Graham

Cuvée Lounge

Diane’s business plan secured us a $100,000 business loan within 48 hours.

Our plan gave us credibility with our investors and enabled us to then secure $1 million. There is no question we couldn’t have done it without her.”

Outcome: Funded in 48 hours.

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