Startup consulting* and business planning for entrepreneurs who want to grow and get funded.

You have a big vision. But data shows it takes most startups 10 years to become truly successful — and 90% won’t even make it that long. For decades I’ve been helping founders like you become one of the 10%.

*Business Planning • Financial Projections • Go-to-Market Strategies • Pitches

Startup Strategist + Consultant

Most startups fail to grow and get funded for one simple reason…

Their founders dive head first into the proverbial shark tank without dialing in their business fundamentals.

It’s why 7 of 10 startups don’t make it five years — and it’s why I’ve made it my mission to help entrepreneurs build a foundation that paves the way for profits. The people who choose to work with me are (i) more likely to get funded, (ii) less likely to fail and (iii) reach profitability sooner.

Before you set foot in the shark tank, let’s set you up for success.

Business Plans

1:1 Startup

DIY Business
Plan Kit

Meet the Founder + Principal

It’s time to stop wasting time guessing and pivoting — and start profiting.

Diane Tarshis, startup expert and founder of Startup Distillery

Hi, I’m Diane Tarshis. I provide 1:1 startup consulting and business planning that gives founders the clarity they need to fast-track success. Put simply, I’m like the expert that gets founders ready to go on Shark Tank, so they know exactly what they’re doing before all eyes are on them.

Since graduating from the Wharton School and leaving the frenzy of Wall Street behind, I’ve spent 20-plus years helping entrepreneurs from all walks of life build successful businesses and get funded.

I’ve advised founders in industries ranging from clean energy to life sciences, retail to consumer products, entertainment, food & beverage, tech of all kinds… and distilleries, of course.

Some of my clients have become leaders in their industry, others have made multimillion-dollar exits, while still others have achieved their dream of a life that gives them flexibility and financial freedom.

But one thing they’ve all had in common is this: They refused to leave their success up to trial and error.

If you’re ready to seek out expert guidance,
let’s see if I’m the right fit for you.

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This is your shot. Let’s make it count.

Whether you need to raise funds or you simply want to fast-track profitability, you’re in the right place.


1:1 Startup

There may not be any shortcuts, but there is a fast track.

You know that having a clear roadmap and an experienced guide will help you reach your revenue goals faster. Whether you need to dial in the details of your business model, build financial projections or craft an irresistible pitch, you’ll get the clarity and guidance you need to turn your dream into reality.


Business Plans

I know how to help you get funded. It starts with a plan.

If you need funding to get your business off the ground, then you need a business plan that’s tailored to your unique business and will wow even the most seasoned investor. 99% of my clients seeking funding have secured it. That’s not a coincidence. So before you dive into the proverbial shark tank, come see me.


DIY Business
Plan Kit

A limited budget doesn’t have to mean a limited plan.

After helping countless startups grow and get funded, I’ve distilled my methods and expertise into a step-by-step Business Plan Kit that shows you how to get it right from the get-go — using worksheets, templates and an ebook that explains it all (at an affordable price). Made for any industry and instantly downloadable.

My Approach Works.
Here’s proof.
Rusty and Buster, happy clients of Startup Distillery.

“Diane’s unique collaborative approach helped us build a stronger business. Her guidance was a key reason we were able to secure investors.

She had the experience to quickly recognize our core strengths, and challenged us in an effort to improve our concept.”

Rusty Sproat
Figo Pet Insurance

Result: Multimillion-dollar exit; acquired by German conglomerate.

Terri Graham, happy Startup Distillery client
“Diane’s business plan secured us a $100,000 business loan within 48 hours.

Our plan gave us credibility with our investors and enabled us to then secure $1 million. There is no question we couldn’t have done it without her.”

Terri Graham
Cuvée Lounge

Result: Secured $100,000 business loan in 48 hours, then $1 million from investors.

Dan Szor, happy Startup Distillery client.
“Diane distilled my ideas into a highly effective business plan that not only set us on the right course, but got us investor funding.

I cannot say enough about how skilled, intelligent and fun to work with she is.

Result: England’s largest whisky producer.


99% of my clients who’ve sought funding have secured it.

That’s not a coincidence. So before you dive into the proverbial shark tank, come see me.

Images of all the pieces included in The Essential Guide for Financial Projections: (1) an iPad showing the guide cover, (2) several pages of the guide and (3) a MacBook laptop showing an Excel financial projection template.

Plug + Play Financial Templates

One of the biggest reasons startups fail is because they run out of cash. Grab my guide to demystifying financial projections + plug-and-play Excel templates with built-in formulas. Only $5.  Learn more

Not For Public Consumption PODCAST – WITH DIANE TARSHIS

Listen Up. Level Up.

Every no-fluff, no-filler episode is designed to help startup founders like you get profitable sooner and get funded (if that’s your thing).

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