DIY Business Plan Kit

Everything you need to write your business plan, from start to finish.

Custom-crafted by Diane Tarshis and based on 20-plus years of experience helping entrepreneurs launch businesses that grow and get funded.

A completely customizable do-it-yourself business plan kit for people who want to turn their dreams into reality without breaking the bank.

All-in-one kit for $199

Distilling Your Dream DIY Business Plan Kit cover

Everything you get…


Shows you how to write a compelling business plan for any industry. Written in plain English, without buzzwords and jargon. (Plus an audio version if you’d rather listen.)


Guide you through every part of the words and the numbers, one step at a time.


Easy-to-use to help you build a strong narrative, realistic financial projections and a persuasive executive summary and/or pitch deck.

Just for comparison — my custom business plans start at $17,000.

But I wanted to make this all-in-one kit accessible to virtually anyone. So I’ve packaged up the exact same process I use with my private clients at a tiny fraction of the investment.

Your investment = $199

Start today!

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t go buy a “bargain” template, or search for (yet another) free resource.

Like any seasoned entrepreneur, before creating this all-in-one DIY Business Plan Kit, I did my research.

The market is flooded with free or low-cost options that describe themselves as step-by-step and easy-to-use, just as I do.

Having bought and read many of them myself, I respectfully disagree. I designed Distilling Your Dream to offer more, which is why it costs more.

You’ve probably shopped at both discount stores and specialty boutiques. Sometimes the discount store is the best choice to fit your modest needs, but sometimes you’re looking for something that will last forever.

If you’re looking for the most complete, streamlined, easy-to-understand long-term solution… Distilling Your Dream is the choice for you. But if you’re not sure, I recommend you choose a less expensive option to start. You’ll only be out $20 (or less), and then you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about. The great news is, when you’re ready, Distilling Your Dream will be here waiting for you.

And if you want to know exactly how this kit is different from other options…

Backed by my “Call Me If You’re Stuck” Guarantee*
Here’s what I offer

that no one else does:

1. Concise
This kit is as distilled as it gets. I’ve spent years boiling down the process to its essence — no fillers, artificial flavors or unnecessary extras.
2. Step-By-Step
It’s the most easy-to-follow, linear, streamlined option on the market.
3. Conversational
This kit was designed to recreate the experience I give my clients. It will feel like I’m sitting right next to you, explaining every step in plain English.
4. Real Life Examples
Chock-full of real examples that clearly explain the hows and whys behind every step, so you can arrive at the answers that help you build a growing business.
5. Accessible
I’m a real live person who’s available to you for one-on-one guidance if you need it. Questions before you buy? Give me a ring at  (773) 871-0110 or book a free Discovery Call.

What they’re saying…

Andrew Sacks, Startup Distillery client who loved using Distilling Your Dream DIY Business Plan Kit

Distilling Your Dream is organized, easy to read and covers virtually every question a business owner may have.

Without a doubt my favorite feature was the worksheets — they helped me structure my writing and ensure I was asking myself the right questions.”

Amy Coey, Startup Distillery client who loved using Distilling Your Dream DIY Business Plan Kit

“I love how this kit enables me to make small goals so I’m not too overwhelmed.

I’ve really been able to make it my own. Keeping all my notes and thoughts together as I work has helped me stay organized for such a big project.”

Michael Henszey, Startup Distillery client who loved using Distilling Your Dream DIY Business Plan Kit

“I used Diane’s Business Plan Kit with great success.

  • The ebook really helped me channel the information in my head onto paper.
  • The templates were sophisticated, yet easy to use.
  • The worksheets were especially helpful.”

Michael Henszey
The Jam House

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